The Mother’s Book of Well-Being carries a mother through the first year of motherhood and beyond. Divided into fifty-two short chapters (read between changings!)–one for each week of the year–Lisa Groen provides wise advice for new mothers and experienced mothers alike. Take time for yourself and claim a few moments of peace, survive sleep deprivation, make room for romance with your partner, and tune into your maternal wisdom. This book gives you permission as well as tools to chisel out time, space, and place for your own needs–ensuring that you and your baby receive the care you both deserve.


This beautiful book is at once empowering, inspiring, and comforting. If motherhood is a journey, consider this the ultimate guidebook.

AME MAHLER BEANLAND, Celebrating Motherhood

We must offer more guidance and support to each other during the uniquely challenging and heart-opening times of new motherhood, and Lisa has done a brilliant job doing just that.

JENNIFER LOUDEN, The Comfort Queen’s Guide to Life

This book is a graceful blend of memoir, contemplative advice, literary references, holistic health tips that track the joys and difficulties of motherhood.

The Salt Lake Tribune

In this charming bedside book, Lisa Groen gently reminds that [as a mother] you have the opportunity of recreating yourself.

Berkley’s Parents’ Press

This is a wonderfully wise book, written with an intimate awareness of new moms’ needs.

Mothering Magazine